Ready for a test flight on the ITEC 2016?

Sign up and test the new BEC MS 306-M simulator with HMD integration on the show - only limited spots available! Don't miss the chance to visit BEC of the ITEC 2016, from 17th-19th May in London / UK. BEC presents the new robotic simulator BEC MS 306-M with HMD intergration on the exhibition. The system is built in a 20" flat-rack container and can be transported and installed anywhere within short time. Stop by our booth E160 or apply online for a free test flight on the ITEC. Due to the limted number of spots available, please register in advance!

I-Mose real-time flight simulator

Real flight experience with I-Mose! Feel free to watch this short movie about I-Mose interactive motion simulator, which you can find at EuroMov Montpellier University. This innovative real-time flight simulator is co-funded by the European Commission and RĂ©gion Languedoc Roussillon and designed by BEC. With credit to Euromov and ArtCam Production.

ITEC 2015 in Prague

Thanks to everybody for spending your time visiting our booth at ITEC 2015, held in Prague. It was our pleasure and honour and we enjoyed many inspiring conversations. We were impressed by the number of visitors, the positive feedback on the simulator flight experience and the great interest in our robotic motion simulators.

MS&T Magazin "I have to say that I found the experience masochistically enjoyable."

full-motion Simulation

All BEC motion simualtors are based on commercial six-axes serial robots from KUKA, originally designed for use in industries as manipulator. The use of the robots in motion simulators offers many advantages over standard Stewart platforms with a hexapod motion system, for example higher dexterity, larger motion envelopes, sustained centrifugal accelerations, and the possibility to actually place pilots in extreme orientations (e.g. upside-down).

broad Motion Simulator portfolio with kuka robots

BEC MS-506 - Highly versatile simulator based  with a multiple use carbon fibre gondola.

Carbon Fibre Flight Simulator

BEC MS-506-L - Enlarged working space with a robotic simulator mounted on a dynamic linear rail.

BEC MS-506-I1 - System with infinite rotational base axis. Option available for all simulators.

Rotational Base Axis Simulator

BEC MS-1006 - Woldest biggest robotic simulator for series identical cabins up to a weight of 850 kg.

BEC MS-507 - Additional axis for dynamic updating of the gondola mounting in realtime.


BEC MS-506-Mobil - Mobile simulator integrated in a 20ft flat-rack container for temporary installations.

Flight Simulation Manufacture

simulator features at a glance

Despite the small amount of floor space it requires and its floor-level entry position (no entry platform is necessary), the motion simulator can move the pod in a remarkably large workspace. At the customer's request, the simulator can be expanded with additional axes of motion (e.g. a linear axis or curved rail on the pod), and can also operate with customer-specific cockpits. 

  • Robots for simulators: KR600, KR600 or KR1000
  • Robot for entertainment: KR600 passenger
  • Pod weight: from 300 kg to 1,000kg
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Additional axes of motion available upon request
  • Customer-specific or universal cockpit
  • Worldwide service network