full motion Simulation

All BEC motion simualtors are based on commercial six-axes serial robots from KUKA, originally designed for use in industries as manipulator. The use of the robots in 6DoF motion platforms offers many advantages over standard Stewart platforms with a hexapod motion system, for example higher dexterity, larger motion envelopes, sustained centrifugal accelerations, and the possibility to actually place pilots in extreme orientations (e.g. upside-down).

broad Motion Simulator portfolio with kuka robots

BEC MS-506 - Highly versatile simulator based  with a multiple use carbon fibre gondola.

Carbon Fibre Flight Simulator

BEC MS-506-L - Enlarged working space with a robotic simulator mounted on a dynamic linear rail.

BEC MS-506-I1 - System with infinite rotational base axis. Option available for all simulators.

Rotational Base Axis Simulator

BEC MS-1006 - Woldest biggest robotic simulator for series identical cabins up to a weight of 850 kg.

BEC MS-507 - Additional axis for dynamic updating of the gondola mounting in realtime.


BEC MS-506-Mobil - Mobile simulator integrated in a 20ft flat-rack container for temporary installations.

Flight Simulation Manufacture

simulator features at a glance

Despite the small amount of floor space it requires and its floor-level entry position (no entry platform is necessary), the robotic 6DoF motion platforms can move the pod in a remarkably large workspace. At the customer's request, the simulator can be expanded with additional axes of motion (e.g. a linear axis or curved rail on the pod), and can also operate with customer-specific cockpits.

  • Robots for simulators: KR300, KR600 or KR1000

  • Robot for entertainment: KR600 or KR800passenger

  • Pod weight: from 300 kg to 1,000kg

  • 6 degrees of freedom

  • Additional axes of motion available upon request

  • Customer-specific or universal cockpit

  • Worldwide service network